What We Do

Welcome to our Fit4DigiLinE Massive Open Online Course!

The MOOC consists of 7 Modules, each containing video lessons designed to help you discover new ideas for language teaching.

In our second project result, the Fit4DigiLinE Online Course: https://www.bit-academy.eu/group/1924/?wt=a8e231a6-d5a6-40a0-8da9-936c1f2ae67c , we covered everything you might need to improve your digital teaching skills: from basic digital knowledge to e-moderation and I.T. security.

In this MOOC, we are focusing on practical tips.

Our main goal is to offer to language teachers an easy to use, easy to understand course, that will hopefully help them incorporate new tools and techniques in their classes – which is why you will find a lot of practical demonstrations and tutorials.

Our videos are shot in English, but in each video you will find subtitles for German, Italian, Spanish, Finnish and Greek!

To turn them on, simply click on “settings” on the bottom of the video, “subtitles”, and select your preferred language.

We hope you will find this MOOC useful and fun. Happy learning! To access the rest of our project materials, visit our website: https://www.fit4digiline.eu/